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September 10, 2010 A joint venture agreement between Biotron Diagnostics Inc, California, USA and Productos Weens SRL, Lima Peru was made to promote Biotron IVD product lines in entire country of Peru.

October 10, 2010 Partnership between Biotron Diagnostics Inc. California and BioConcepts Inc. of North Carolina was established in the name of Biotron Bioconfirming to set up a contract manufacturing production facility in Wuxi, China for producing US FDA approved product lines for sale in china and world-wide.

July 17, 2010 Joint venture between Biotron Diagnostics Inc., California, USA and Vible-Biotech, Faridabad, India to launch Biotron–Vible USA, the manufacturer of state of the art Microbiology Products including: culture media, susceptibility antibiotic discs, stains, indicators, reagents and others.