GSA Approved Product List

Biotron Diagnostics Inc. GSA FSS Contractor developes, designs, produces and distributes in-Vitro Diagnostics Reagents, Test Kits and Test Systems, FSC Group 65. PART VII in areas of Blood bank, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Diabetes, Serology, Immunology,Coagulation, Hematology, Microbiology, Cytology, Histology and Phlebotomy. Also supplies screening test kits and hometest kits (OTC) for pregnancy, fertility, diabetes, drug abuse, cardiac tests and tumor markers. Biotron Diagnostics Inc. sells laboratory, medical and dental supplies, and both new and refurbished laboratory, medical and dental equipment.

Contact# V797P5465X

Contact: Dr. G Gagneja

Credit Cards: Accepted

Contact: 7/1/2001-6/30/2006


Schedule# 65 VII

DUNS# 96266505

EIN#: 33-0695035

Business: Small

NAISC/SIC CODE# 325413142512

SIN# 555

DB# P068138-0007342

CAG# (0) 1 RSUO

TP1N# 60248802

PRONET# P0215953

HUB Zone-Approved





# 1824721

SIN# 555-1 Blood Bank

1-A   Blood Grouping Anti-A

1.6   Blood Grouping Anti-8

1-AB   Blood Grouping Anti-AB

1-D   Blood Grouping Anti-D

1-BA   Brucella Abortus Febril Antigen

1-PX   Proteus OX19 Febril Antigen

1SH   Salmonella H Ha Paratyphi A Febril

SIN# 555-2 Chemistry
(Includes TOM, Toxo, Blood Gas, Hormones & Electroph)

005-a   Acid Phostase, Color End Point Kit

005-b   Acid Phostase, Kinetic Kit 10 Albumn W/Standard Kit

014-b   Alkaline Phosphatase Kinetic Kit

014-c   Alkaline Phosphatase Kinetic Kit

014-d   Alkaline Phosphatase color End Pt.

068-a   ALT (SOFT). Kinetic Kit

068-b   ALT (SOFT). Kinetic Kit

068-c   ALT (SOFT). Kinetic Kit

068-o   ALT (SOFT). Kinetic Color End Point Kit

016   Ammonia, Color End Point Kit

017   Amylase, Color End Point Kit

066.a   AST (SOOT).Kinetic Kit

066-b   AST (SCOT).Kinetic Kit

066-c   AST (SOOT).Kinetic Kit

066.d   AST (SOOT).Color Point Kit

020-av   Biliburin Direct Kit

020-b   Biliburin Total Kit

080-a   BUN Kinetic Kit

080.b   BUN Kinetic Kit

080-c   BUN Kinetic Kit

080-d   BUN Urease Color End Paint Kit

080-e   BUN Urease Color End Point Kit

025   Calcium, Color End point Kit

031-a   Cholesterol Kit

031-b   Cholesterol Kit

031-c   Cholesterol Kit

058   Choline Esterase Kinetic Kit

059   Dibucaine Solution

102   Chloride Kit

034-a   Creatine Kinase-NAC Kinetic Kit

034-b   Creatine Kinase-NAC Kinetic Kit

034-c   Creatine Kinase-Color End Point Kit

036-a   GK-MB (SAC} Kinetic Kit

035-a   Creatine Color end point Kit

035-b   Creatine Kinetic Kit

039-a   Y-GT Color End Point Kit

039-b   Y-GT Kinetic Kit

039-c   Y-GT Kinetic Soluble Substrate

042.a   Glucose Hexokinase Kit

042-b   Glucose Hexokinase Kit

043.a   Glucose Trinder Kit

043.b   Glucose Trinder Kit

043-c   Glucose Trinder Liquid

101-a   Glycohemcglobin Resin Colum Kit

033   HDL-Cholesterol (PEG)

H-01   Hemoglobin Kit

090   IroraTIBC, Manual Kit

0551-a   norganic Phosphorous Color End Point Kit

0551-b   Inorganic Phosphorous Color UV Kit

047-a   LDH Kinetic Kit

047-b   LDH Kinetic Kit

047-c   LDH Color End Point Kit

050   Magnesium Color End Point Kit

053   Potassium Color End Point Kit

069   Sodium Color End Point Kit

070   Total Lipid Color End Point Kit

060   Total Protien Color End Point Kit

0777-a   Rigtyceride INT Kit

0777-b   Triglytceride GPO Tinder Kit

0777-c   Uric Acid Uricase Color Kit

085-a   Uric Acid Uricase Color Kit

085-b   Uric Acid Uricase Color Liquid Kit

085-c   Vanity Mandleic Acid (VMAI Kit)

088   HBD Reagent Set

099   Salicylate Kit

103   Acetaminophen Kit

104   T4 EIA 96 Microliter Well Kit

0010   T3 EIA 96 Microliter Well Kit

0011   TSH Uptake EIA 96 Microliter Well Kit

0012   T3 Uptake EIA 96 Microliter Well Kit

0013   TSH Ultra EIA 96 Microliter Well Kit

0014   H. Pylori 1gG EIA Microliter Well Kit

0031   H. Pylori 1gG EIA Microliter Well Kit

0032   H. Pylori 1gM EIA Microliter Well Kit

0033   H. Pylori 1gA EIA Microliter Well Kit

SIN# 555-3 Coagulation

0-210   Cuvette Electra 750 MLA

0-639   Cuvette Electra 7000 MLA

0-161   Thromboplastin C-Plus

0-650   Thromboplastin C

0-112   Calcium Chloride

0-165   Thromboplastin C

0-410   Control Citrol Coag Lev

0-420   Control Citrol Coag Lev 11

0-430   Control Citrol Coag Lev 111

0-351   COAG-A-MATE (A) XM




0-025   COAG-A-MATE X2

0-122   COAG-A-MATE RA-4

0-226   COAG-A-MATE


0-014   XC'RA4 TRAYS

0-359   X2 TEST TRAYS 96x48 TEST



0-701   FIA4 TUBING


0-027   X2 TUBING


0-479   XC








0-007   MLA 700 PLATELIN






H-917   Scatter Pac Coulter

H-733   Isoton 111 Coulter

H-983   Lyse 5111 Dill Coulla

H-931   Coulter Clenser

H-007   MicroPak for MD-16

H-220   Dituenl 2000/1600 Cell Dyne 1600

H-320   Detergent 2000/1600 Cell Dyne/60.3

H-420   Lyse 2000/1600 Cell Dyne 1600

H-391   Harina-Zyme

H-434   Lysis III

H-432   Diff. Pack System

H-233   OSmocell3

H-114   Certritio Blood Control Bidevel

H-310   Meter Trax Tr' Level

H-310H   Meter Trax High Level

H-310M   Meter Trax Mid-Level

H-310L   Meter Trax Low-Level


H-253   HEMACAL-T-

14180   Struck Diluent 111 Plus C631200/3500

H-430   Strech-Sheath CD 3000/3500

H-112   Strech-Klgen Concentrate CD 3000

H-630   Strech-Hemoglobin Lyse CD 3000 S

H-631   Strech-Hemoglobin Lyse CD 3500

H-500   Strech Detergent 111 CD 3500

6-232   Dill. Diluent Baker

B-694   Dill. Lys@ - Baker

6-422   Rinse C-Baker

B-994   System Clean

SIN# 555-5 Histology/Cytology

K-080   Cyto Brush NIS

K-30X   Pap Smear Kilhe4 Brush

K-100   Pop Pack-1 Slide W/Brush

K-900   Pap Pack-1 Slide W/Brush

K-012   Cytology Kit 1-Slide

K-013   Cytology Kit 1-Slide

K-030   Cytology Kit 1-Slide

K-995   Cytology Aerosol Spray 3.50oz.

K-173   Cervical Scrapper Ayres

K-200   PAP-PAK 2 Slide W/Brush

K-329   Speculum Vaginal Small 10

K-330   Speculum Vaginal Med 10

K-331   Speculum Vaginal Lrg 10

K-309   Speculum Vaginal Small 10

K-310   Speculum Vaginal Med 10

K-311   Speculum Vaginal Lrg 10

K-000   Specula VGNL DSP SM GHAV

K-001   Specula VGNL DSP MD GHAV

SIN# 555-6 Microbiology

M-002   PV ArFormalin Vial (Parasitology)

M-BBl   Senlivity Disc-50 Nial

M-607   Gram Stain Kit 8oz.

M-100   Culture Swab Clear or Charcoal

M-HOO   Occult Blood teL Pos Neg Cont

M-653   Bioharzard Bags Red 24x24 10 Gal. 250

M-654   Bioharzard Bags Red 24x37 16 Gal. 250

M-630   Calibrated Loop (.001) Urine

M-LOOP   Loop Plastic Disposable Ster

M-514   Wipe Lint Free Equal to Kim Wipe

M-OTA   Cotton Tip Applicator 6" Sterile

M-285   Cotton Tip Applicator 6" NIS

M-026   Applicator Wood Slick 6"

SIN# 555-7 Phlebotomy

C-828  Tube Sedrate Calibrated

C-153  Cotton Ball Medium

C-103  Alcohol Prep Medium

C-601  Bandage Strips 3/4x3

C-022  Bandage Spots 7/8 1st Quality

C-012  Cultural Tube Glass 12x75

C-520  Tube 12x75 Polysty

C-600  Dispette 2 Westergreen W/Diluent

C-301  Paper Tape 1" - Micropore

C-300  Transfer Pipet 7Ml.

C-236  Sharps Container Small

C-285  Sharps Container Medium

C-Q1  Sharps Container Small 1 Qt-Red

C-1G  Sharps Container Small 1 Gallon

C-2G  Sharps Container Small 2 Gallon

C-3G  Sharps Container Small 3 Gallon

C-253  Butterfly Luer Adaptor 21, 23, 25G

C-UMI  Butterfly Luer Adaptor 21, 23, 25G

C-MAY  Butterfly Saftey 21, 23, 25x3/4 Gage

C-XEL  Butterfly W/O Luer Adaptor

C-GUA  Gloves Lightly Powered Small, Med, LG

C-SIC  Gloves Latex Poeder Free Small, X-Small

C-Sic  Gloves Syn. Vinyl Powder Free X-Small, S/M/L

SIN# 555-8 Serology/Immunology
(Includes Prgenacy, Inf. Disease, Cancer Markers & Cardiac Tests)

01100  Serofast ASO Latex Agglutination Slide

0150  Serofast ASO Latex Agglutination Slide

0250  Serofast CPR Latex Agglutination Slide

02100  Serofast CPR Latex Agglutination Slide

0352  Serofast INF. Mono Latex Agglutination Slide

03100  Serofast INF. Mono Latex Agglutination Slide

0450  Serofast RA Latex Agglutination Slide

04110  Serofast RA Latex Agglutination Slide

0550  Serofast SLE Latex Agglutination Slide

05100  Serofast SLE Latex Agglutination Slide

065100  Serofast ANA Latex Agglutination Slide

06100  Serofast RPR W/Control

06500  Serofast RPR W/Control

0750  Pregnancy Slide Monoclonal

07100  Pregnancy Slide Monoclonal

0925  Foremost Pregnancy 1-Step Urine Card

0950  Foremost Pregnancy 1-Step Urine Card

0950-A  Foremost Pregnancy 1-Step Urine Dipstick

01025  Foremost Pregnancy 1-Step S/U Card

001050  Foremost Pregnancy 1-Step S/U Card

1050-A  Foremost Pregnancy 1-Step S/U Dipstick

01150  One Step LH Ovulation Card

400025  Immunofast Strep A Card

500025  Immunofast Chlamydia Card

510025  Immunofast Rubella Card

520025  Immunofast Mono Card

530025  Immunofast Mono WB Card

140025  Helicobacter Pylori Card

210025  Immunofast Fecal Occult Blood Card

310025  Immunofast Myoglobin

530025  Immunofast Mono WB Card

330025  Immunofast CK-MB

SIN# 555-9 Urinalysis
(Including Collection Systems, Controls, Reagent Strips & Test Meters)

051100  Urofast Urine Strip - Glucose

052100  Urofast Urine Strip - Protein

052100  Urofast Urine Strip - Ketone

052100A  Urofast Urine Strip - Blood

053100  Urofast Urine Strip - Glucose/Protein

055100  Urofast Urine Strip - Glu/Prot/PH

056100  Urofast Urine Strip - 3 Parameter

056100A  Urofast Urine Strip - 4 Parameters

057100  Urofast Urine Strip - 9 Parameters

058100  Urofast Urine Strip - 10 Parameters

100100  Glucofast Blood Strip

U-026  Cup Specimen Sterile Ind. Wrap

U-034  Cup Specimen N/S W Cap 4oz.

U-001  Urine Cup Sterile

U-000  Tube Urine Centrifuge 15Ml.

U-300  MultistixIOS G

U-161  MultistixIOS G

U-516  Clinitik 50 Urinalysis Machine

U-479  Chemstrip 10 SG or 10UA

U-100  Urine Strip 10 Para W/SG Leukocyte 100

U-500  Centrifuge 6 Place W/Timer & Cover

U-075  Ziplock Bag 6x9 Double Pocket

U-113  Lockbox 16"x15" for Dr. Office (Blood Coil)

U-105   Slide Frosted 2nd (preclean)

U-101   Slide Plain 2nd (preclean)

U-222   Cover Slip 22x22 1oz. 10oz.

U-252   Tube Rack Plastic 17mm. size 50 Tubes

SIN# 55 5-10 Urinalysis
(Diabetes Supplies, Vaccutainers & Lab Chemicals & Supplies)

BID01   Blood Glucose Monitoring System

BID02   Blood Glucose Strips

BID03   Lancing Device

BID04   Lancets

BID05   Insulin Infusion Pump

BID06   Insulin Pump Reservoir

BID07   Insulin Pump Batteries

BID08   Insulin Fusion Sets

BID09   One Touch Strips

BID010   Laser Gun (Lassette)

M-126   Pipet Tip 20-200 Ul Universial

M-142   Pipet Tip 201-1000 Ul Universial

M-01B   Pipet Tip Yellow 2-20 Ul Eppen

M-02B   Pipet Tip 10-200 MLA

M-Kay   Combitip All Sizes 1.25, 2.5, 5.0

M-130   Cups Blue Cobas Mira, Bio, Fara

M-510   Samples Cups .25ml Conical

M-010   Samples Cups .5ml Conical

M-HIT   Cups for Hitachi 2ml

M-670   Sample Cups for Demand

M-050   Cuvettes for Olympus Demand

M-660   Sample Cups for RA-10OORA-XT

M-520   Cups CIBA Corning Exp.

M-121   Cuvettes for Cobas Mira

M-005   Cuvettes MLA 800, 620, 650, 750, Coag

M-142   Pipet Tip 201-1000 Ul Universial

M-01B   Pipet Tip Yellow 2-20Ul Eppen

M-02B   Pipet Tip 10-200 MLA

M-KAY   Comtip All Sizes 1.25, 2.5, 5.0

M-130   Cups Blue Cobas Mira, Bio, Fara

M-510   Sample Cups 25Ml Conical

M-010   Sample Cups 5Ml Conical

M-HIT   Cups for Hitachi 2Ml

M-670   Sample Cups for Demand

M-050   Cuvettes for Olympus Demand

M-660   Sample Cups for RA-1000RA-X

M-520   Cups CIBA Corning Exp.

M-121   Cuvettes for Cobas Mira

M-005   Cuvettes MLA 800, 620, 650, 750, Coag