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Dr. G. L. Gagneja Chairman/President and CEO – Biotron Diagnostics Inc./Biotron Diagnostics CA, USA

Dr. Gagneja has over thirty years of experience in “In-Vitro” Diagnostics and the biochemical industry. He excels in Biomedical business project development, implementation and completion which included setting up manufacturing facilities overseas. Dr. Gagneja also has participated in the American Chamber of Commerce for Technology transfer, licensing and oversea sales. His expertise also encompasses organizing, developing and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic products in areas of clinical chemistry, serology, hematology, immunodiagnostics and one step screen test technology. Dr. Gagneja currently is involved as President and Founder of Biotron Diagnostics Inc. Dr. Gagneja is British educated and trained (Cambridge, Sheffield, Edinburgh) and also holds post Doctoral degrees from Canada and the USA in areas of laboratory medicine, Microbiology and Immunology. His name is included in the Honor List for Industrial Global Leaders in Healthcare and medicine by Who’s Who Worldwide and Marquis’s Who’s Who. He is a certified Laboratory Director and has 16 Publications while being professionally affiliated with many organizations some of which are the American Public Health Association, American Association of Bioanalysts, American Association for Clinical Chemists, New York Academy Of Science, Fellows of Royal Institute of Chemistry, UK, and Academy of Clinical Biochemistry. He has been involved in CRO Investigational work, co-manufacturing/joint-venture projects for finished, semi-finished IVD products, OEM and distribution services and technology transfer, sale and licensing. Other work experiences lie in GMP, ISO- 9000, FDA and IN’RC US regulatory complances.

Dr. Jogin R Wu CEO BioMedica USA, Durham, NC, USA

Dr. Jogin R. Wu is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of BioMedica USA. Dr. Wu is a strong multi-disciplined scientific leader in life science with unique combination of experiences in both academic and in-vitro diagnostics industry. His background and experiences include twenty three years in biochemistry, immunology, and biosensor technology specialized in homeostasis and thrombosis. Prior to founding BioMedica USA he has been an Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology at Duke University Medical Center and the Technical Director of Clinical Coagulation Laboratory of Duke University Health System since 2001. Before his tenure at Duke University he was the leader of the Exploratory Research and Applied Research group at Organon Teknika Inc. – an Akzo-Nobel subsidiary specialized in blood diagnostics. He has extensive knowledge and experiences in innovation, technology transfer and commercialization. Dr. Wu held several patents in blood coagulation including two point-of-care devices and more than 75 publications in the filed of blood coagulation, biosensor, biochemistry and immunology.

Dr. Jay Wang, MD, PhD. President BioConfirming Inc, China

Dr. Jay Wang has extensive knowledge and experiences in life sciences technology development, drug discovery, diagnostics, and the medical sciences. He has over 15 years of experience in early product development, pre-clinical & clinical research, regulatory affairs, and commercialization. Dr. Wang is an experienced entrepreneur, and has created several companies both in the USA and China. He is currently president of BioConfirming Inc, a China based biotech company that is developing genetic and point-of-care biomarker detection technology for personalized medicine. Dr. Wang co-founded and was Chief Scientific Officer of BioMedomics Inc. Prior to that, he was principal scientist at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Toagosei Co. Ltd., in Japan. He holds a PhD in medical science from Osaka University, Japan and a MD from Nantong Medical College, China. He received his excellent post-doctoral training in Biochemistry at Ingram Cancer Center, Vanderbilt University, and in Molecular Immunology at Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, Japan. Dr. Wang has strong communication and interpersonal skills with extensive global collaboration experiences. He is fluent in written and spoken Chinese, Japanese, and English.

Dr.David F. Zhou, MD, Ph.D

Dr. David F. Zhou, holds a M.D. degree from Shanghai First Medical University with more than 30 years of clinical experience in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Dr. Zhou has also earned a Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine in Molecular immunology and finished his postdoctoral training in molecular pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine (Dr. Eugene Butcher’s Laboratories). He then worked in the US at numerous research institutes, such as Gcnentech, Cytel, SLI, OTSUKA American Pharmaceutical Inc. and Applied Biotech Inc.. Besides his extensive clinical practices, Dr. Zhou has broad experiences in antibody genetics and its applications, inflammatory immunology, tumor markers and advanced clinical diagnostic assay development, especially in the development of qualitative single step rapid assays and also quantitative light emission display (LED) assays. Dr. Zhou has more man 40 publications in major international journals and also in Chinese medical magazines and books. He was the original cloner and expressor of CD44 in both humans and mice, rat lambda light chain genes, and has established various high expression clones for some biological important proteins. He has developed several novel rapid tests of both single step and multiple step diagnostic assays. He is now engaged in the R&D of several new LED/LCD assays.

Terrence T. Bazar Director, Sales A. Marketing

Mr. Bazar has over twenty years of experience in the Health Care Industry. He was the founder and served as President of Medikmark Inc. and held a senior management position with Tri-State Hospital Supply, a leading manufacturer of custom kits including direct distribution. In 1966 his career began in Purchasing/Materials Management and has held many management positions in these areas spanning thirty-one years implementing cost savings programs totaling in the millions of dollars. Mr. Bazar is currently involved as a consultant and in product development, sourcing and distribution for Key Medical Supply, Inc., an exporter of medical supplies located in Colorado Springs while being President, Founder and CEO of Healthcare Express Inc.. He attended De Paul University and numerous management seminars at major universities including invitations to be a guest speaker at Indiana and Northwestern Universities in the areas of Negotiations and Entrepreneurship. Major accomplishments include meeting with Governor Thompson of Wisconsin along with his staff and preparing a report including recommendations on Medicare/Medicaid related issues pertaining to reimbursements and benefits for the patients in the State.

Sungjin Kim President/CEO – Chungdo Pharm. Co. Ltd.

Chungdo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., is one the leading manufactures of Urine test strips, Diet Strip, Urine Strip Analyzers, Blood Glucose Test Strips and Meters and Insulin Pumps. Their FDA approved and CE Marked products are exported to over 30 countries. The manufacturing plant is located in the US and is a FDA approved facility designed to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and all FDA regulations. Chundo Pharm’s new manufacturing plant at Pusan, Korea is equipped with state of the art technology and is committed to providing only the highest quality of product. It employs the most respected engineers in the field of dry reagent technology available worldwide. Mr. Kim has a MBA degree from the prestigious Korea Institute of Science and Technology and has 20 years management experience in custom designed kit manufacturing. He has been the key person in development, implementation and completion of biomedical business projects which included setting up manufacturing facilities overseas in the area of dry reagent technology. His name is included in the honor list for product development and export by the Korean Chamber of Commerce. He is affiliated with many organizations including both the Korean and the American public Health and others in the Biomedical Industry.

Dr. Howard Toben

Dr. Toben has had extensive experience in immunochemistry and hybridoma technology. He has been involved in the production of antibody reagents that are utilized in commercial clinical immunoassay kits and experimental allergic encephalitis, involving tissue culture study. His expertise lies in the day-to-day direction and running of the hybridoma laboratory, from the initial immunizations of the mouse to the completion of the antibody testing and the production of the ascites for each million tests of antibody to be sent to the customer.Dr. Toben completed of a business course presented by the Professional and Research Development Group of the Wayne State University School of Business Administration. He has an extensive experience in obtaining funds and managing research laboratories and personnel and clinical research laboratories and personnel at the University level. Dr. Toben has also been involved for several years as a consultant with Leeco Diagnostics, Inc., Southfield.

Dr. Vinod Kaul , President/CEO Vible-Biotech, India

Dr. Kaul has over 25 years both professional and academic experience as a microbiologist, teacher, scientist, author and guest speaker. His expertise lies in microbiological products development, QC, and Microbiological Services for Hospitals. He has taught microbiology to graduate students and has several publications to his name. He has successfully written a reference book entitled “Vible Clinical Microbiology-Guide”. He has also appeared on CNBC discussing prevention of water borne diseases and he was also invited as an expert in Euro Quiz contest show organized by Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment. His name has been included in the 5th Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare.